Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Discipline vs Punishment

Teacher Orientation Workshop 

Discipline v Punishment 1

in attendance: Tr Jacky and Tr Nickson

Introduction: Mystery Bag.  I demonstrated how teachers can use the mystery bag to start circle time
Ppt:  Discipline vs. Punishment

  • We also reviewed: why understand Developmental Stages

Videos: I Tried and I Made it (TED Video The Boy Who Tamed the Wind), Intro to a Montessori Classroom
Discussion: Circle Time
Reading Materials: Videos and Circle time

Observation:  Teachers seemed more engaged today.  They even brought paper and pencil to take notes.  The Presentation proved a bit awkward since the teachers wanted to write every word I said in their notes.

 Nickson was very interested in the Montessori Classroom demo video.  He was especially fascinated by the children's ability to learn alone without misbehaving.
Both Teacher Jacky and Tr Nickson were concerned as to how to make the children at MDFT behave like the children in that video. How can we teach the children to think creatively and practically like The Boy Who Tamed the Wind?"

We did have a couple of internet glitches so we lost about 45min. waiting for the wifi to return.  I did not get to do an end of workshop review and conclusion because of the tech glitches and I did not get to remind them to ready the required reading.  Hopefully they will visit the facebook page to get the information there.

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